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Shooting on Location

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Private Bars, Clubs & Venues

Through our network of connections we have access to a variety of nightlife locations in and around London. From well known trendsetting clubs to undiscovered secret venues.

Historic Buildings & Landmarks

We have worked within many iconic and historic buildings around the UK. Many of these buildings offer fantastic settings and backdrops within their walls, ideal for creating both awe and intrigue.

Residential Properties

We have exclusive access to some extraordinary residential homes. Wih the lush surroundings, luxurious amenities and fine interiors we can set the perfect scene for high-end photoshoots and film.

Streets of London

Living and working in London provides us with the perfect landscape. The streets of London offer so much, from the underground tunnels of Waterloo to the colourful streets of Camden.

Hotels & Restaurants

With so many beautiful hotels and restaurants we have linked up with many hotel groups to create truly exquisite interior and exterior settings.

Rural & Urban Settings

The often beautiful landscape of the UK can provide unlimited opportunities to help capture the essence of a campaign.