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Ferdinand has worked with Leading visual creators throughout his career. From producing front covers for Vogue with the worlds most sought after models/actors/singers to creating moving content to engage and influence digital audiences his focus on delivery has never wavered. Ferdinand has consistently produced creative projects in the fashion world for over two decades and brings a wealth of experience encompassing Photography, Live shows, Events, Exhibitions, Publishing, TV, Film and all things Digital.

His first day of working on set was a campaign for Burberry with Kate Moss. In the evening the Christmas front Cover for French Vogue was shot and the beauty and simplicity of the fashion world has mesmerised his career ever since. Ferdinand went on to produce the experiential exhibition at Kensington Palace for Diana Princess of Wales curating work from leading contemporary artists, furniture makers for the royals, Large format prints of the Princes, a video displayed in the exhibition showing the story of the shoot and a book published to commemorate the exhibition (initial print run of 50 thousand printed with Taschen). The exhibition had a footfall of over half a million and was on show for over 2 years.

He also produced the Portraits exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Photography in Tokyo, Japan. The exhibition was sponsored by Burberry which helped launch the brand in the region. Later in his career he went on to focus on his first passion, television and worked with the BBC to produce the pilot for a platform to inspire and engage writers. The power of the Pen. Recently he has worked for major brands, Gucci, Burberry, Nike, Adidas, Airbus luxury and magazines Vogue, GQ and completed a digital innovation project for BBC Technology.